Why should you hire remote top tech talents from India

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As per available statistics, the IT sector in India is going to experience a 7.7% growth in 2022. The data centers in the country will experience a growth of around 13.6%. India might remain a leading software outsourcing country on the continent. Indian firms are providing the most cost-efficient and cutting-edge software development solutions. Therefore, companies from various industries choose Indian developers to develop state-of-the-art tools for their firms.

It is a challenging process to identify the best solutions to achieve rapid and sustainable success for a business. Developing the right tool and applications for a business requires expertise in cutting-edge technologies. Remote Indian professionals at the top of their game possess the expertise required to build, maintain, and improve state-of-the-art software, applications, and web portals. Thus, many companies find it rewarding to hire remote tech talents of the highest calibre from India in order to give their ideas an edge over competitors in the market.

Why is India the best country to hire remote developers and IT experts from?

The following perks make India the best destination for hiring remote tech experts:

Top-skilled professionals

Indian tech institutes prepare students to deliver flawless tech solutions. The Indian information technology and business process management industry was estimated to have over 4.8 million employees during the financial year 2022. About 65% of the country’s population is under the age of 35 and many youngsters choose to hone their talents in the field of IT. They closely follow new tech trends and try to master the skills required by major tech firms with utmost diligence.

Indians are extremely talented individuals, who are quick learners and even better performers, always ready to deliver what clients demand. The world’s leading tech firms such as, Google, Twitter, Microsoft, Adobe, FedEx, IBM, etc. have appointed Indian CEOs to ensure they compete and grow efficiently. They know what your demands are, they are always ready to craft whatever solution your organization needs.

Committed to satisfying the client’s needs

Indian developers never stop learning. They always aim for better work opportunities and they are not afraid of recommending out-of-the-box solutions. Hyno Technologies is the best example of what clients can expect from Indian developers. They consistently explore new technologies and are never hesitant to face a challenge head-on in order to deliver exactly what the client requires.

India is currently the world’s leading IT outsourcing service providing nation. Clients contact Indian developers when they seek specialized IT and software solutions. Indian developers serve many well-established firms in Finance, Banking, Telecommunication, Manufacturing, Insurance, and Healthcare sectors. It would not be possible without delivering what clients demand.

Happy to operate remotely

The Covid-19 Pandemic forced many people to work from home, but that did not inhibit Indian tech firms or make them shut operations during the pandemic. Employees knew their responsibility and worked dedicatedly from home. It shows how dedicatedly Indian developers operate and recognize their responsibility.

India is the best country to establish a team of remotely located developers because they’ve got everything it takes – from unmatched and well-honed skills to flawless communication – to bring truly innovative ideas to life. Your team members from India will operate professionally and consistently to ensure that every deadline is being met and project timelines are running smoothly. Uber, Twilio, Cisco, and Western Union already have remote engineer hubs in India. Thus, you never have to dread delayed submissions and instead get the best quality services to help your organisation scale great heights.

Affordable cost

Developers and tech professionals in western and developed countries like the US, UK, and others, charge almost 3x more than their Indian counterparts. For eg. The average salary of a US based developer is $96,999 while for an Indian developer is $48,918. Numerous companies hence outsource development work to India because of the quality of work being delivered at comparatively affordable rates.

If you are a start-up, hiring Indian tech talents will allow you to cut the operating cost of the business. Indian tech firms, such as Hyno Technologies, provide relatively affordable but result-oriented services. Share the budget and project demands and Hyno will deliver state-of-the-art solutions.

Indian developers do whatever it takes to meet the client’s needs. They work effortlessly to produce something unique and beneficial for your business. That’s why many businesses in the USA, UK, and other western countries establish remote teams of developers in India.

Top-notch solutions

About 75% CMM-Level 5 companies are located in India. Indian tech talents and tech firms have always maintained high standards for delivering quality output. They are the most reliable professionals when it comes to crafting and delivering cutting-edge tech solutions.

You can demand products based on the latest technologies. Skilled developers in India will provide products based on technologies, such as progressive web apps, big data computation, native app development, hybrid development, cloud computing, and more.

Most tech firms in India encourage their developers to keep challenging themselves consistently, so that their skillset can speak for itself when their reliability or talent is discussed. Quality assurance is held in high regards and the developers test their products rigorously to ensure that performance standards are being met. They can also train your team remotely and provide concrete after-sales support to prevent and combat technical issues if any.

Key traits that make remote Indian tech talents a much-preferred option :

  • English is one of the official languages of India. Most developers speak and understand English at a professional level of fluency, thus ensuring that issues with communication shall never arise.
  • Indian developers hold high standards and believe in completing the project before the deadline. Professionals around the world admire the work ethics and self-discipline of Indian developers. You can consult and set an achievable deadline for the completion of the project. Developers will update you timely to assure that the deadline won’t extend unless your demands change.
  • Indian tech teams don’t only develop the required products for the client but also provide additional services. If your company lacks a dedicated technical team, Indian developers can operate as a remotely located team for your business. They will proactively share scaling ideas whenever required to help you grow the business faster.
  • Hyno Technologies is one of the leading tech firms from India that can adjust to changes in client demands swiftly. It will meet your specific needs to ensure you get the required product.

Well-trained Indian techies are serving the world’s leading tech firms. Even though you may not be ready to employ an Indian developer permanently, contact Hyno Technologies to hire the best remote skilled developers from India and get unmatched IT solutions for your project. It will help you produce a cutting-edge product for your business’ demands.