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Find AI Engineers
for your startups in less than 2 weeks who're remote ready in less than 2 weeks who're remote ready

Hyno personally chooses the skilled remote developers. Get top three matches in less than 7 days and save 40% of recruitment costs.

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Why is Hyno a Popular Choice for Startups?


Top talent, handpicked for you.

Find the correctly aligned talent from our pool. We offer a 97% success rate..

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Hiring in 7 days, not 90.

Connect with three top-notch developers to interview within a week. .


Save more, get the most value.

Spend 40% less and still get highly talented people who are as good as the talent in the US.



Startups need versatile people who can handle many tasks. They're like "Jack of all trades," helping tackle various challenges as the company grows.

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Specialist engineer

  • check markHave high-detail knowledge & experience in one particular subject.
  • check markOften referred as expert.
  • check markOpportunity to become true thought leader their area of expertise
  • check markInflexibility to try and test new subjects
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AI Engineers

  • check markAll about big picture, has knowledge of broad range of Topics.
  • check markOften takes leadership roles.
  • check mark Flexibility to move in and fill in the gaps.
  • check markBreadth over depth.
Diane Buzzeo

Diane Buzzeo

Founder & CEO at Ability Commerce

We are very happy with our relationship with Hyno. You have been very easy to work with and your processes are very straightforward.

Chaitanya is terrific! His work is excellent. He completes his tasks on time and his code is very strong. He offers very good solutions to issues.

vetting Process

Finding Startup-Ready AI Engineers

We want to hire the best engineers. Some candidates talk well but aren't great at coding, so we have to interview them a lot before deciding. We do the hard work upfront by selecting and reviewing candidates before you meet them.

1. Precise Candidate Sourcing

We are always on the hunt for the best developers, we reach out to candidates on linkedin, job boards and referrals and bring the best engineers on to our community.

2. Technical Assessment

We conduct a 90 min technical live interview with one of our inhouse experts, where we assess the skills as per the resume. this will be a detailed assesment.

3. Check Remote-Readiness

One of the crucial factors for us is to determine whether the engineers are able to adapt to remote work, it involves testing communication skills, technical communication and Tools.

4. Validate Startup-Readiness

Working at a fast-changing company is like being a superhero. We choose people who can handle anything, even when things keep changing. It's like being a superhero who's ready for any surprise!

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Transforming the hiring experience

We at hyno streamline the hiring process by removing obstacles, ultimately reducing both costs and time, while ensuring we deliver the finest talent to your organization

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1. Gather Requirements

Our tech experts will arrange a call to understand your needs upon your request.

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2. Shortlisting Developers

We'll analyze requirements and offer a shortlist of 3 developers for your review. Typically, one gets selected.

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3. Scheduling Interviews

We vet developers to expedite your hiring. Interview them to check culture fit, and technical skills.

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4. Onboarding

Start with a 9-month contract, offering flexibility to replace at no cost.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you an Agency?

We're not your usual agency; our community is our driving force. Plus, we've got over 100 pre-vetted developers, unlike agencies with only 10-20 available. And unlike them, you can hire our developers in-house after a 9-month contract without any fee.

What is the process of hiring a developer?

  • Request a call to discuss your needs and finalize job details.
  • Receive a shortlist of three developers based on your requirements.
  • Interview the candidates to assess their fit for your company.
  • Begin with a 9-month contract, offering flexibility and benefits.

How does the pricing work?

Pricing: Our pricing starts from $35 per Hour, which includes our take, which is between 15% - 30% Trial: We provide a 2-week paid trial. If you're not satisfied with our developer, there are no charges.
Notice: You can request a replacement or cancel the contract with just one month's notice. Buy Out: After nine months, hire our developer in-house without any fee.

​​Are there any initial recruitment or contract fees?

We don't charge upfront fees. Our fees are incurred monthly, starting once the hire is made.

Will my agreement be with a developer or with Hyno?

Your contract will be with Hyno, not with the individual developer. Hyno is registered in the USA and India.

What happens if I’m not satisfied with the developer I hired?

If you're unhappy with your Developer, inform our hiring consultant promptly. We'll strive to resolve any issues. We acknowledge that working styles may not always align. In such instances, you can end the contract with one month's notice. We'll then provide another developer at no additional cost.

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