Top 5 remote developer hiring alternatives for turing

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Turing is a platform that offers CTOs, CEOs, and hiring managers with a pool of talented and expert remote developers for hire.

However, there can be various factors or constraints (with time, skills, or budget) at play that can keep you from finding the best suited remote developer for your next revolutionary project.

Here are some high-end Turing alternatives to help you find the best fit for your team!


Toptal functions as an exclusive marketplace that connects proficient and highly skilled developers and coders with companies in need of their services. Through Toptal, CEOs, CTOs, and management of both top firms and startups can hire skilled developers to supplement their existing teams for various software development projects such as remote development, web development, app development, and other related tasks to fulfil their business requirements.


Hyno offers up a pool of highly talented and vetted, Silicon Valley calibre, remote developers for selection. They help startups hire high-performing, experienced, and senior remote developers and designers in less than 2 weeks, ensuring that the organisations find the perfect technical fit for their next project and perfect cultural fit for their developmental team. By enabling top companies and startups to get access to a skilled pool of global talent, Hyno helps them cut down overhead costs significantly as companies build expert remote teams.


With a complete sign up vetting process, Arc helps employers and hiring managers connect directly with global talents who fit their project requirements to the ‘T’. Highly skilled and experienced software developers and engineers around the world get the opportunity to converse directly with hiring managers from top startups and tech companies around the world who hire remotely.

LEMON.IO is a leading platform that helps top tech companies and startups cut down on time and effort by helping them match accurately with remote developers and engineers who are the best fit for their project requirements with a 48hr guarantee. With a robust 4-step internal vetting process and custom matching assistance, helps employers and hiring managers acquire the best talents for their projects with a risk free replacement policy.

GUN.IO boasts a talent pool of expertly vetted world-class developers for companies of all sizes to select from. In as much as less than two weeks and with the help of instant interview bookings and shortlisted candidates by a team of senior engineers, the platform helps companies - from top startups to Fortune 500s - find the best remote development match for their innovative projects.