Case study Zenskar

From Vision to Reality: Zenskar's Success Story with Their Founding Designer, Enabled by Hyno

Discover how Zenskar found their founding designer, Sairam K, with Hyno's help. Now, with a strong design team, Zenskar is ready to grow in the SaaS industry.


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Sairam Keesara

Lead Product Designer

Designer onboard

About Company

Zenskar, a startup headquartered in New York and Bengaluru, has secured $3.5 million in seed funding. Focused on streamlining billing workflows for SaaS companies, Zenskar's platform caters to diverse pricing plans, including usage-based subscriptions, discounts, and custom currencies. The company's innovative approach and recent funding position position it for significant growth and impact in the SaaS industry.

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Initially, Sourav helped with the design aspect of the product at Zenskar. So, the entire team was building an MVP of their product today. They worked on the product's usability, user experience, and overall design. Yet, they needed a product designer to guide them in the correct direction.

Having identified the problem, Zenskar started looking for a product designer with significant experience. They interviewed around 500 profiles but needed help finding the right person. They also wanted to scale their existing product, but they needed the right people to do it.

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Time Efficiency

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Building Team


Zenskar wanted to hire a Lead Product Designer to design their billing product, who would fit the role and the startup culture at Zenskar. They wanted someone who could lead their product design journey to work with the founders to bring their vision to life. After conversing with Hyno, they hired the Hyno-suggested candidate, Sairam K.

Saurabh Agrawal

Saurabh Agrawal

Co-founder & CTO

We are very happy with our relationship with Hyno. Sairam has been great to work with and we feel like he is almost a part of our team.

His work is excellent - he understands the user perspective well. And he has a really good aesthetic sense to go along with it.


Sairam led the product design and helped hire the entire design team. He also helped with some parts of Zenskar’s website development and brand building. Most importantly, Sairam helped hone the product’s usability and user experience. Additionally, Sairam helped Zenskar with the budget and planning to hire the right people.


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