Find AI Engineers
for your startups in less than 2 weeks who're remote ready in less than 2 weeks who're remote ready

Hyno identifies AI Engineers through a 12 Parameter Vetting Process and matches them with top startups worldwide.

Trusted by more than 30+ Startups

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Why Hyno?

What sets us apart from a regular job portal or a pool of remote developers?


Top talent, handpicked for you.

We carefully interview and pick every developer and show 97% successfully matched candidates.


Hire within 15 days, not 90

We connect you with 3 highly skilled, ready-to-interview developers within a week.

Piggy Bank

Save more, get more

Spend 40% less and still get talented people who are as good as the talent pool in the US.

Their views

Client testimonials

Hyno helps startups find highly vetted, top remote developers quickly. Meet three top matches in just 7 days, and save 40% on costs in finding top-notch talent.

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Sairam has been great to work with and we feel like he is almost a part of our team.

His work is excellent - he understands the user perspective well. And he has a really good aesthetic sense to go along with it.

Saurabh Agrawal

Saurabh Agrawal

Co-founder & CTO, Zenskar

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We are very happy with our relationship with Hyno. You have been very easy to work with and your processes are very straightforward.

Chaitanya is terrific! His work is excellent. He completes his tasks on time and his code is very strong. He offers very good solutions to issues.

Diane Buzzeo

Diane Buzzeo

Owner & CEO, Ability Commerce

How does this work?

A simple 3- Step Process

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1. Gather Requirements

Our technical experts will get on a call with you to finalize a job description.

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2. Shortlist & Interview

We Shortlist three developers and schedule interviews. 95% of the time, one of them would get selected.

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3. Onboarding

Onboarding with a 9-month contract signing with Flexibility to replace the candidate without any cost


Vetted AI Engineers

Every developer is vetted using a 12-parameter process, which checks for technical skills and identifies AI Engineers traits.

vetting Process

How do we identify the
Top AI Engineers?

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1. Communication & Personality

We will find the best match the best suitable candidate based on the requirements received by the team

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2. Live Interview

Our technical experts from the community interview each engineer personally. and follow our standard technical interview process, assessing them for problem-solving ability.

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3. Remote Readiness Check

We specifically look for technical communication, teamwork, etc., to ensure our developers can work remotely.

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Need help building your dream engineering team?

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Hyno vs. Traditional Hiring

Find a risk-free, pre-interviewed, high-quality developer who is remote-ready in less than 2 weeks at 40% less cost.


Choose the right for your firm.


Time Fees

Time Quality

Time Pre Screening

Time Remote readiness check

Time Termination

Time Failure rate

Regular hiring

High Risk

1 - 4 Months

> $1000

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High Risk

1 - 2 Months

No fee

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Very high

Low Risk

0 - 15 Days

No fee

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Very low

Pricing Starts from $35/hr

Scale your startup
with pre-interviewed
AI Engineers

15 days free trail period

7 days avg matching time