Top 3 books to read for remote workers and employers

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Remote work has rapidly become the new normal of the post-pandemic era as employees experience the boost in productivity, flexibility, and independence that it brings along.

Adapting with the changing times is crucial for both, the organisations, and employees. Below are three must-reads that document aspects of a successful transition to remote working, and valuable plans-of-action, on how employers and employees alike can make things work for themselves without having to step foot in an office.

Remote, by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson

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Drawing from their book "ReWork" where Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson share their insights on building a successful company without relying on traditional methods such as investment funding, large marketing budgets, or countless meetings; their book “Remote” explores how a healthy remote work culture can help teams and individuals thrive.

The authors, who have transformed their own company, Basecamp, into a predominantly remote operation with staff spanning across 32 cities globally, prove that remote work can not only benefit employees, but employers as well.

Despite some companies' reservations about this unconventional approach, Fried and Hansson aim to offer guidance on how to make it work through establishing new rules and processes.

Work Together Anywhere, by Lisette Sutherland

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In “Work Together Anywhere”, Lisette Sutherland - a remote worker and entrepreneur herself, and renowned expert on virtual teamwork - provides a comprehensive guide for enhancing team performance by catering to the needs of every team member.

Be it Employers, Managers, Teams, or Companies; she has enclosed value-providing and actionable advice for every stakeholder in a remote work environment.

The book marvellously maps the need for having streamlined and engaging procedures on the organisational level to make remote working more productive and result-driven for remote workers.

Working from Home: Making the New Normal Work For You, by Karen Mangia

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"Working from Home: Making the New Normal Work for You" by Karen Mangia, a Salesforce executive, provides a thorough guide on how to make telecommuting an advantageous career move.

The author covers various topics such as how to establish a productive home office, develop tailored time-management techniques, combat burnout and isolation, strengthen remote teamwork and collaboration, and hone effective virtual communication skills.

This book offers practical tips and innovative strategies to help readers succeed in a virtual work environment.